viernes, 12 de diciembre de 2014

Step by step easy nails! For important days!

                                                                   Birthday nails!

1 & 2. Paint your nail with a pink nail polish./ in one nail paint only a half.
3 & 4. Draw straight lines on them.
5. In the half-painted nail draw the upper part of our cupcake.
6. Draw a small heart on the top.
7. Draw small dots on each side.
8. Paint all the nails with a transparent nail polish. (If you do this step your nails will resist more)


Christmas nails!

1. Draw the shape of our Christmas hat with a red nail polish.
2. On the upper part of the hat draw a dot. (With white nail polish)
3. On the lower part draw a curved line with white nail polish.
                                                              Halloween nails!

(Without text) (I think it is not needed)
                                                                Summer nails!   

1. Paint your nails with a red nail polish.
2. Draw a thick, curved line on the lower part.
3. Draw a fine curved green line on the lower part, just a little bit under the white one. (Tip: the result will improve if you draw paralel lines with another green)
4. Draw the seeds (With a black nail polish)

                                                            Fruity nails!

1. Paint your nails with a light green nail polish.
2. Draw a yellow sun with a yellow nail polish.
3. Draw dots behind the "sun". (Tip: if the dots are of different sizes the result will improve a lot)